Ease of office community - from anywhere

Ease of office community - from anywhere

How many conversations are happening today in your office cafe, break room and hallways when some or all of the team is remote? That’s where LexGo comes in.

When people matter, LexGo provides easy & spontaneous community and connection.

Turn Key Venue

Easy way for employees to connect across the organization without scheduling a series of video conversation

Spontaneous community building where the people matter

Comes with 4 floors

  • Cafe for spontaneous connections
  • Town hall for group events
  • Training center
  • Co-working space

How is LexGo different?

  • Simplicity - no download required, no 3D rendered office space or game controllers needed
  • See the team at a glance (visibility on the floor plan)
  • Spontaneous conversations with a virtual shoulder tap (no more meeting links)
  • Employees empowered to move around and connect with others
  • Superior presentation experience, multi-screen share