LexGo for Group Events

Talking at your team in video calls while they check out and work on anything else? Get them engaged by flipping the script. Give them time to connect and cross pollenate across the broader team by sitting in smaller groups. Share that great news and inspiration but give them time to internalize it and work as a table to process and plan.


Participants at audience tables can interact with table mates while seeing and hearing the presenters on stage. You start in a small group experience, instead of being pushed there in a ‘breakout’ later. Talk with people at the table while everyone is getting settled. Socialize and network just like you would in a real room together. Then absorb what’s happening on stage where up to 6 presenters can be in front of the group. Because participants are in charge, you can change tables at any time (as directed by folks on stage or otherwise).

Perfect for town hall, sales meetings, strategic kick-offs, team meetings and other group gatherings.

👎  Or Suffer Through Video Tools...

How many people are ‘multi-tasking’ through your big meeting and completely disengaged? Group video calls start with everyone in a big video grid and make it very hard for conversations to occur except for the few most outspoken people. Then people are pushed into breakout rooms. If you’re looking to just spray content at people, by all means use those other video tools. If you want an engaged audience who connects not just with you but with each other, you need LexGo.

Group Events in LexGo