LexGo for Interviewing

Using LexGo for interviews allows recruiters and interviewers to fluidly move in and out of conversations and manage the flow. Once again a single candidate experience can span multiple successive interviews.

  • Recruiters can smoothly keep a candidate in warm conversation between team member interviews to keep them engaged
  • Simplified process without a batch of video meeting links
  • Visibility in the digital environment keeps everyone aware of what’s going on


A candidate enters the lobby. They’re greeted by a real person (the recruiter) and escorted to an interview room. After the initial conversation, the first interviewer who is waiting in the bullpen is invited into the room and the recruiter steps out.

If the interviewer is starting to run long, the recruiter can jump in with a 2 minute warning. If the interview wraps early, the recruiter can step in to keep the conversation warm and the candidate engaged. Interviews can be adjusted in real time and in this competitive landscape, a series of interviews can be run with a team from anywhere to get to a fast decision.

And... the candidate has just experienced a highly differentiated and hands on hiring process.

👎  Or Suffer Through Video Tools...

Remote interviewing requires a batch of video meeting links and let’s say it — kinda sucks. When an interviewer is late, the candidate doesn’t know what to do and they’re just stuck staring at a ‘waiting for host’ message. If two interviewers need to swap times, it requires complicated calendar gymnastics to flip all the links and calendar times around — and how many times does that lead to people not being where they need to be? Advanced users have tried using the same meeting link for successive interviews - with no idea when the earlier interview is actually complete so they step on each other or leave awkward gaps for the candidate. It’s a disjointed experience of separate meetings.

Interviews in LexGo