LexGo for Training & Development

When live training matters, combine expert guidance from the stage with small group exercises & practice time to solidify learning. Participants stay at their tables instead of being pushed into breakouts. Of course you can always have folks shift around during the training as well. Participants at audience tables can interact with table mates while seeing and hearing the presenters on stage.


You start in a small group experience, instead of being pushed there in a ‘breakout’ later. Talk with people at the table while everyone is getting settled to socialize and network just like you would in a real room together. Then absorb what’s happening on stage where up to 6 presenters can be in front of the group.

Trainers can go back to the concept of ‘table time’ and using small groups to reinforce learning through exercises & practice. They can use the mic and the stage title text from the stage to talk to all of the tables during exercises to update them on what’s next.

LexGo also allows instructors to peak into a table to ensure that they’re on track (and jump in to offer guidance if needed) just like we would in the ‘real’ world.

👎  Or Suffer Through Video Tools...

Group video call breakouts are jarring to move in and out of and take users out of the context of their small group. They’re also an eerily silent place other than the occasional blasted group message - there’s no way for a trainer to talk to the whole group in their breakouts.

Training in LexGo