Simplicity of the physical (office) world from anywhere

Simplicity of the physical (office) world from anywhere

Office simplicity in a remote world

simplicity of working together in the office without having to be there

Working remotely, together

Back to the good old days - but digital

Turn Key Venue

Community, Connection

Show your team that they matter

Easy way for employees to connect across the organization without scheduling a series of video conversation

Easy, spontaneous community building where the people matter

Flexible, sponteneous way to connect your organization on their terms

Retention & engagement

How many conversations are happening today in your cafe, break room and hallways?


Simple, flexible, spontaneous, empowered

For organizations where the people matter

Flexible work structure, connections & culture matter

Cafe + auditorium

Teams are struggling with distributed work

  • Onboarding takes twice as long as ‘in person’
  • Interviews as a batch of meeting links are cumbersome and hard to manage
  • Employees are demanding flexible work environments while suffering from isolation
  • Managers are struggling to lead distributed teams and achieve results

The best way to understand how LexGo changes everything is to jump right in and see success stories and examples of how to apply LexGo’s Digital Office for your team.

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Enterprise Venue

Activities that people struggle to execute through a video meeting tool

More Engaging...

• Interviewing & recruiting

• Onboarding

• Training & development