Welcome to LexGo BACKUP

You have stepped into the LexGo demo venue. Throughout the hall you’ll see how others are using LexGo to connect their teams. Move around using the ‘Join’ buttons. Tap Live Help in the bottom left if you have any questions.

The demo is set up as a quiet venue - cameras are disabled. Normally people in the room with you would appear over on the right side and you could talk with them.


The digital office for growing distributed teams

We’re helping companies fight the battle of employee retention and engagement during this period of the great resignation and beyond. Employees are demanding flexible work environments while suffering from isolation. Managers are struggling to lead distributed teams and achieve results.

Some companies are ready for a full digital office while others are looking for an enhanced & engaging experience for distributed team activities such as virtual recruiting, new employee onboarding, sales meetings or team wide gatherings.

How is LexGo different?

  • See your whole team at a glance (visibility on the floor plan)
  • Spontaneous conversations with a virtual shoulder tap (no more meeting links)
  • Employees empowered to move around and connect with others
  • Superior presentation experience, multi-screen share and no download required